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Thank you for deciding to apply to be a leader at our kids camps. We highly value our leaders and will do all we can to make being a leader here an unforgettable experience.

Please read and answer all the questions in this application form carefully. It may seem like a long application, and it is. The reason for this is you are applying for a leadership role with serious responsibility. You are going to be placed in a position of care over children, whom parents or loved ones care about dearly. It is important to us and those who kids we have at camp, that we have the best people in these roles of care and leadership.

KCC New Leader Registration Form

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  • KCC has legal and regulatory obligations to provide a duty-of-care to all that participate in KCC activities. We take all Practicable steps to provide a level of care and safety that are appropriate to that activity. In each activity there will be a level of risk that is inherent to it and this could result in serious harm. We cannot eliminate all the risks without diminishing the character and experience of that activity.