Karamu Caves

Karamu Cave Information: 

The Karamu Cave is on private property and is in the top 20 longest caves in New Zealand. It has over 3 kms of passage with 5 entrances/exits. It is well used and is a relatively safe cave with easy access.

The Karamu Cave gives a great variety of scenery and experiences. You’ll see glowworms, stalactites, stalagmites and other cave formations. For most of the cave we will be walking upright with plenty of room, moving along a shallow creek (below the knees) taking the occasional diversion to look at interesting formations, experience squeezes, try out water and other physical challenges. Most trips are confined to a upper area of about 50 metres but longer trips can be arranged including going right through the hill.

Karamu Caves and KCC:

We have been taking people into the Karamu Caves since June 2001 and as of August 2011 we have taken in over 6,500 persons in more than 300 trips. The ages of the cavers have ranged from 3 to 75 years of age and the people have been made up of many sizes, builds, fitness and fear levels. We tailor each caving experience to the group requirements taking into account their needs, time available and weather conditions.

The guides are experienced in the Karamu Cave system and are well aware of the required safety aspects of caving.

We have had no major incidences or injuries, just occasional minor scraps or bruises and a couple of sprained ankles. We have had many repeat bookings from Primary and High Schools, because of the unique experience of going through the Karamu Caves.

Karamu Caves and Raglan Rock:

Due to new Adventure Activity Guidelines KCC now runs Caving under Raglan Rock

KCC have worked with Raglan Rock for many years and appreciate their experience and professionalism. For a great deal book through KCC.

For more information check out Raglan Rock’s website by clicking below:

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