Activity Overview:

The KCC swimming pool is the size of a regular Primary School pool and provides hours of fun for campers of all ages.

KCC provides equipment that can be used in the pool for sports such as Water Volley Ball, Rugga Ball (a mix between Rugby and Basketball), Relays and More.

Be Prepared:

  • You may get wet
  • Swimwear is to be worn while swimming (no heavy clothing).

Prerequisites of Activity Instructor:

  • Before a leader is to run this activity they must have the following prerequisites.
  • Be over 18 years of age (or competent/ experienced 16+ years)
  • Show evidence of leading or supervising groups e.g. teacher, sports coach, scout leader
  • CPR and 1st Aid qualified (at least one person)

Helpful Information and Tips:

  • Apply sunscreen before swimming
  • Run relays for the swimmers to play:
    • Dolphin dives
    • Free style
    • Running
    • Kicking
    • Dog rolls
  • Play pool games with the children:
    • Make a whirl pool
    • Make waves
    • Pool volley ball
    • Rugga ball (using a medicine ball)
  • Run competitions with the swimmers:
    • Longest swim at the bottom of the pool
    • Furtherest float pushing off the wall
    • Longest time starfish
    • Hand stands

Feel free to download the link below when preparing for your camp experience:

2018 Swimming Pool SOP (87.3 KiB)