Indoor Rockwall

Activity Overview:

At KCC we have an Indoor Rock wall at the far end of our hall. It reaches a height of approximately 4m and caters to different levels of confidence. Harnesses, Ropes, karabiners, and mats are all provided and set up for you.

We also have a static rope that can be climbed using Prussic Loops.

Be Prepared:

  • Adult: child ratio for rock-wall is 1:6
  • Wear comfortable (not loose) clothing.
  • Long hair needs to be tied back for belaying and climbing

Prerequisites of Activity Instructor:

Before a leader is to run this activity they must have the following prerequisites:

  • Be over 18 years of age (or competent/ experienced 16+ years)
  • Show evidence of leading or supervising groups e.g. teacher, sports coach, scout leader ! Been indoor rock climbing within the last year

Once adequate leaders have been accepted, as set out with the prerequisites, KCC staff must induct them into the site and the SOP. This induction must include the following:

  • Leader is shown how to belay and make use of back up be layers
  • Shown how the wall is to be used then observed by an experienced instructor running at least 1 climber up and down the wall.
  • Instructor to go over brief with instructions and photos for the leaders’ reference.
  • Leaders are made aware of how to get help if a problem occurs.

Helpful Information and Tips:

  • Use a confident child to demonstrate climbing up the wall, sitting on top, reach out & swing from bar, ready for lowering.
  • Those who feel they need to be challenged might try:

    • Climbing only using rocks of a particular colour, e.g. red
    • Climbing only using their hands
    • Climbing the wall backwards

 Feel free to download the link below when preparing for your camp experience

2018 Climbing Wall SOP. (1.4 MiB)