BMX Bikes

Located on the back field of KCC is our BMX track.

Activity Overview:

At KCC our BMX track is located at the back of our sports field. Participants can challenge themselves at this activity by attempting the different sized jumping mounds, completing a time trial of the track or playing pursuit with a friend. Starting position is usually on top of the ‘Big Mound”, All riders must ride in the same direction around the track and must be wearing a helmet and shoes when on the bikes. Only one adult is needed to supervise riders during the activity. No special qualification is required to run this activity apart from a brief training session provided by KCC staff.

We have at least 6 BMX Bikes with helmets.

Prerequisites of Activity Instructor:

Before a leader is to run this activity they must have the following prerequisites:

  •  Be over 18 years of age (or competent/ experienced 16+ years)
  •  Show evidence of leading and supervising skills Induction:Once adequate leaders have been accepted, as set out with the prerequisites, KCC staff must induct them into the site and the SOP. This induction must include the following:
  •  Shown where the equipment is kept
  •  Staff to go over brief with instructions and photos for the leaders’ reference.
  •  Leaders are made aware of how to get help if a problem occurs.

Feel free to download the links below when preparing for your camp experience:

2018 BMX SOP (463.3 KiB)