2018 Creation/Apologetics Camp

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​Today’s society is rapidly changing!  We are bombarded with ideas and philosophies that are increasingly anti-God and anti-Bible.  What we believe about where we came from, why we are here are and where we are going profoundly affects how we live our lives.

As Christians, how can we not only survive, but thrive in this “post-Christian” era?   How can we reach family, friends, colleagues or neighbours who see Christianity as outmoded and completely out of step with reality – or maybe far worse?
The GodZone Waikato Creation / Apologetics Camp is a fantastic opportunity to hear local, qualified speakers.  There will be a total of 14 presentations (including an extended question and answer panel) over the weekend.  Also a field trip, food, fun and fellowship. This will be great time of being encouraged and equipped!     Day visitors are welcome.


This camp will be very practical. It will be a place where you can develop your own personal faith and also become more confident in reaching out to others.  As well as the formal topic sessions, there will be a panel Q&A session and an opportunity to ask questions.
There will be free handout sheets at the sessions. One of our sponsors, Alpha 6 Connexions has a range of biblically based resources with a strong New Zealand context. There will also be a range of creation / apologetics books and DVDs from Creation Ministries International (CMI) available for purchase.


Full Weekend: $50
Friday Night: $5
Saturday: $30
​Sunday: $15


​We have three qualified, Waikato based speakers doing a series of in-depth, yet understandable sessions. These will cover a wide range of topics, including: Dinosaurs, Age of the Earth, Radiometric Dating, UFOs/Aliens, Death, Suffering and God’s Character,  Genetics, Evolution and Natural Selection, Uniqueness of Humans, Astronomy and Distant Starlight.



Michael has always been fascinated by technology and what makes things work. His professional training is in electronics and he has worked for over thirty years as an electronics engineer and designer. Through his career he has also gained broad experience in applying technology to the earth and biological sciences. He is a founding member of the Hamilton Friends of CMI group, established in 1999 and is currently its leader/co-ordinator. Michael speaks for Creation Ministries International on a part-time basis.


Peter is a senior science teacher with nearly 30 years experience in the classroom. He first became passionate about the topic of creation / evolution when challenged by a biology colleague. He also has a strong interest in culture and global missions, in particular relating to China. Over the years, Peter has written numerous books, pamphlets and tracts and run discussion groups in Bible colleges and youth groups. Peter heads up Alpha 6 Connexions, a small company that publishes his printed resources.



Matthew works as a geneticist in NZ’s dairy industry, having recently completed his Masters in this area. He also has a keen interest in mathematics, philosophy and theology. His church background, in which much of Genesis was considered allegorical, led him to (somewhat awkwardly) hold to theistic evolution for many years. However, he has now found biblical creationism to not only fit the facts much better, but to uphold a coherent worldview centred upon trust in God, and he is keen to help others find this also.

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