Team Builders and Games

Team Builders

School Camps provide great opportunities to get students working co-operatively with each other, in this section are a few Team Building Activities complete with Learning Intentions, Key Competencies and Values. They can be used to prepare students before camp or as an activity during camp.

We have some great Team Building games that will get students of all ages working cooperatively.

Included are: Infected Waters, Charades, Statues, Newspaper Relays, Sheep Trails, Blind Buddies, Blindfold, Knots

Be sure to check out the Values, Key Competencies and Learning Intentions too!

2018 Team Activities SOP (316.0 KiB)


You can never be too sure what kind of weather will present itself, or what little surprises will pop up during your stay. In this section are some examples of indoor and outdoor games your group may enjoy. 

Outdoor Games

Camps are great fun, and it’s important to keep the kids on the go, the attached outdoor games come complete with Learning Intentions, Key Competencies and Values. They can be written into the programme or used as 5 – 30 minute fillers for those unexpected free spots in the timetable.

KCC Animal Survivor Instructions (59.0 KiB)

Generals And Spies Game (35.4 KiB)

KCC Outdoor Games (230.2 KiB)

Indoor Games

Unfortunately when camping you can’t always rely on having beautiful weather conditions, attached are some fantastic examples of Activities to do indoors for those unexpected wet days.

KCC Wet Weather Activities And Indoor Games (390.9 KiB)