Caving in the Bottom Section

Karamu Caves Extreme Experience

Karamu caves are situated 30 minutes away from KCC. The Bottom Section of the Cave involves exploring right through the mountain (in one side and out the other) and takes approximately 4 hours.

Each guide uses discretion to analyze which path best suits the group they are leading through the cave.

As the bottom section of the cave has a higher level of risk and takes longer for assistance and getting out in cases of an emergency, only competent cavers will be taken here at the guide’s discretion (guides will gage the abilities of the group in the top sections by taking them on the more vigorous route. They will reassess again for the rattlesnake exit at the campsite).  

When going below the keyhole, guides ensure smaller groups and manageable sizes. There is a minimum of 2 guides and a ratio of 1 guide to 5 cavers (1:5)

In One Side and Out the Other:

A mix of walking, crawling, tight spaces, and climbing in the cave.

In this ability group you have the challenge of tight spaces, climbing rock faces and getting wet and muddy from head to toes.

 In this group cavers will:

  • See Limestone
  • See Stalactite formations (they hold ‘tight’ to the ceiling)
  • Experience small spaces
  • Crawl through water
  • Might even see an eel!
  • See Glow worms (close up and with lights off)
  • See Stalagmite formations (they ‘might’ reach the ceiling)
  • Experience climbing
  • Army crawl through mud and water

Bottom Section Caving Information And Gear List (183.4 KiB)