Whole Group Activities

Animal Survivor

Camp Staff will assist you with running this game and provide all the equipment. The game involves large numbers (20 to 80 persons) playing in a large area. We usually play amongst a large grove of trees in a nearby paddock and takes between 2 and 3 hours.

This game can be done for fun or used as a teaching aid on conservation, effect of predators and man on the bushes native animals.

Each individual is given a bib representing an animal, man or event in one of the following categories:

Small Native Herbivores and Insectivores, Small Carnivores, Large Herbivores, Large Carnivores, Natural Disasters and Hunters

…And is based on the Bush food chain. each category have a certain amount of lives assigned to them represented by rings of their colour attached to their bib by a karabiner.

Equipment: KCC has all the equipment for this wide outdoor game for up to 80 Persons

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KCC Animal Survivor (158.9 KiB)

Sports Fields

At KCC we have a hard court area, a grassed Volley Ball area and a large field behind our cabins for playing various sports and games on. We can also provide sports equipment if necessary.

Burma Trail

KCC has Permission to use a large grove of trees in a nearby paddock. Its a Perfect Space to set up a burma trail and KCC has all the equipment you need. 

Burma Trail SOP.Pdf (88.9 KiB)


The Karakariki waterfall walk is a leisurely 30 minute walk from the end of Karakariki Valley rd (2.5km from camp; campers may walk along the road to increase the length of time walking if preferred).

This small waterfall trek provides a great learning and playing opportunity for campers and is suitable to be used for bush studies, stream studies, swimming, and fossil finding

By following the stream beyond the above waterfall trek for 15 minutes, you will find a much larger, layered waterfall. This is a great walk that requires walking through the stream to get to there.

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2018 Tramping – Day Trip SOP (31.3 KiB)