Air Rifles

Activity Overview:

KCC Air rifles involves the use of spring-loaded air rifles, which use .177 calibre slugs. It takes place in the purpose built range located in the back shed near the sports fields. Only those over the age of 18 years (or who have a firearms license) are legally allowed to supervise this activity. No special qualification is required to run this activity apart from a brief training session provided by KCC Staff. As it is indoor it is able to run rain or shine. We provide safety glasses for this activity.

Prerequisites of Activity Instructor:

Before a leader is to run this activity they must have the following prerequisites:

  •  Be over 18 years of age (16+ years if holds a current gun license)
  •  Show evidence of leading and supervising skills Induction:Once adequate leaders have been accepted, as set out with the prerequisites, KCC staff must induct them into the site and the SOP. This induction must include the following:
  •  Shown where the equipment is kept
  •  How the guns are to be chained to the shooting table.
  •  How to cock and load a gun then observed by staff
  •  Staff to go over brief with instructions and photos for the leaders’ reference.
  •  Leaders are made aware of how to get help if a problem occurs.

For further information and discussion of firearm safety click on the link below

Police Fire Arm Safety

2018 Air Rifles SOP. (368.5 KiB)

Back Shed: 

Also Located in the back shed is Archery, Table Tennis, Darts and Carpet Ball, Making it a great space for wet weather activities.